Address of the Institute: Gubkina str., 8, Moscow, Russia, 119991.

The participants of the conference can be housed in the hotel "Sputnik", Leninsky Prospect, 38. One can recommend also hotel "Izmailovo", Izmailovskoye shosse, 71, 4G-D. For a list of other Moscow hotels and for tourist information see for example and


1. How to get from the airport to your accommodation place.

In the airport, you can either take a taxi (about 40 EUR) directly to your accommodation place or a high-speed Aeroexpress train (about 10 EUR) going to the city center. The Aeroexpress connects all international airports in Moscow with the subway stations: "Belorusskaja" for the Sheremetyevo airport, "Paveletskaja" for the Domodedovo airport, and "Kievskaja" for the Vnukovo airport. Timetable of Aeroexpress is available at From the city center you can either order a taxi or use subway. For subway information see below.

2. How to get from your accommodation place to the Steklov Institute.

The Institute is located at the corner of Gubkina str. and Vavilova str., near Leninsky prospect.

Walking distance from the hotel "Sputnik" to the Steklov Institute is about 20 minutes. Another option is to take any trolleybus going in southbound direction (i.e., in the direction opposite to Moscow center) to the bus stop "Univermag Moskva", cross Leninsky prospect (avenue) and walk along Gubkina str. for about 5 minutes.

The best way to go to the Steklov Institute from "Izmailovo hotel" is by metro. The nearest metro station to the hotel "Izmailovo" is "Partizanskaya". You have to ride to "Kurskaya radial station", transfer to "Kurskaya circular", then ride to "Oktyabr'skaya circular station", transfer to "Oktyabr'skaya radial station" and finally ride to "Akademicheskaya station". The Steklov Institute is located within walking distance of about 10-15 minutes from "Akademicheskaya station". The scheme for walking from "Akademicheskaya station" to the Institute is drawn on the map. "Akademicheskaya station" is located next to the Japanese restaurant "Take" (marked as "10" on the map).

Moscow subway map is available here. Subway stations "Belorusskaja", "Paveletskaja", and "Kievskaja" are marked by red circles with airplane figures. Subway stations "Leninsky prospect", "Akademicheskaya", and "Partizanskaya" are bounded by yellow boxes. Please note that "subway" in Russian is called "metro" and if you will need to ask a non-english speaking person to help with locating a particular subway station, ask for "metro station".

Steklov Institute local map in PDF: download here.

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